Official ClubWAKA Rules

Rule Highlights

Fact or Crap? Kicking Order

Myth: Kicking order must be boy, girl, boy, girl

Fact: Kicking order can be any kind of order, as long as the line up remains the same throughout the game. 

Per section 4 of the official rules, (if desired) a written kicking order will be exchanged between the team captains, before the game begins. If the orders are NOT exchanged, no claims can be made from either captain, only the Head Referee. 

Have Mercy!

 Any game may be ended at the discretion of the losing team, if losing by 7 or more runs at the end of any inning. This will be marked as a regulation game.

Overthrow Rule

 When the ball is kicked, thrown, or deflected into foul territory. We play in enclosed fields, so the overthrow rule will only be enforced automatically if the ball goes over the fences outside the field, or into the dugout. If the ball goes into foul territory inside the fence, the pitcher may raise both arms in the air to voluntarily call the overthrow rule. This gives the defense the opportunity to get the ball back to the pitcher. If the defense makes a play on the ball (throws the ball in an attempt to get a runner out), the game is on and no overthrow will be called.

Waitin' For The Pitch

When you are up at bat, keep these things in mind:

  • You get 3 strikes and 4 fouls 
  • A ball must either bounce twice or be in an infinite roll to be considered a strike
  • A pitch can be considered a strike as long as it does not bounce above the knee
  • The strike zone is a foot off each side of the base, 

Tag Up!

Everyone's always yelling, tag up, what does it mean?! If a ball is caught before you can proceed to the next base, you have to go back and tag the base you were on before moving forward. 

Let's Talk First Base

Please hit/step on the OUTSIDE BAG when running to first base! The inside bag is for the first baseman and there are two so we avoid collisions.  Failure to use the outside bag as a runner will result in an out. Also, if a first baseman. 

Field Rules

No Smoking

No smoking within Peak Gates. Smoke breaks can be held on the sidewalk, outside the gates, as long as butts are properly disposed. 

No Drinking

 Official Peak Prep Policy

No alcohol is allowed in the vicinity. Keep in mind, this is a middle school, so it is illegal to consume alcohol on the premises. 

WAKA Policy: 

Violation 1: Person receives verbal warning to remove alcohol from the area.

Violation 2: Person asked to leave the premises, one game suspension.  

Violation 3: Person will be removed from the league, no refund. Team receives paper forfeit.

No Pets

No pets allowed inside the gates of Peak. If you bring a pet, please tie them up outside the gate, or in the front entrance.