Congrats Fall 2017 Social Point Champs: Bunt Stuff

Bunt Stuff took the lead this season with an astounding 800 social points! Always a power house on the field, this season, they combined forces with a group from Ballbarians of the past to take the lead at PARTYING as well! These ladies and gents love flip cup, theme nights (especially if Arica has her magic Dollar Tree bag when they forget it is theme night) and hanging out on and off the field. They've got the Head Ref and the League Mascot in their ranks, so it is safe to say, we all aspire to be Bunt Stuff, they got it goin on. 

Robin Ryan

Team Captain 

Arica O'Sullivan

Social Chair (4 time reigning social champ) 

Social Point Superlatives

The Party Animal Award


Social Chair & Captain (Girl's got it going on am I right?!) : Cassie Olson

Man, does Where My Pitches At know how to have a good time! Sure they are great at kickball, but they were born to shine at Bryan Street Tavern. Their flip cup action shots are the best I have seen, and they even complete social point challenges when they are out of town! (EX: on a mountain, office Christmas parties, in their apartment in their casual elf jammies, the list goes on).  In conclusion, please adopt me into your friend group, K thanks. 

The Squad Goals Award


Social Chair: Trey DiLeo

Team Captain: Kate Buckley 

Kick it & Quit it are always up to something enviable. From college away games to the premier of Star Wars, their friendships on and off the field make us all jealous! Their faithful social king, Trey, is not only great about documenting their times together, but he is by far the most organized person to ever send in photos! Between Trey and Masa behind the camera, they will always remember the good times at WAKA!  

The Fanciest Pants Award

Sit on My Base 

Social Chair: Ashley Tisdale 

Team Captain: Rachel Hyde 

Always the fliest on theme night, Sit on My Base is upstaging us on the reg. Take Night 1, they turned team colors into a team costume by becoming, flamingos. ADORABLE! That was just a toe dip into the fab closets of SOMB. We've seen a Whataburger shirt, a ton of holiday pants,(only an ugly sweater? They call basic), a pizza onsie and some rad Halloween costumes which made for my favorite drunk photo this season. We need SOMB to style us ASAP! 

About TX Thunder League

Welcome, Thunder Buddies!

Hello, and welcome to the ClubWAKA Texas Thunder League! It is true we love our kickball and take it very seriously, but you know what we love even more? FUN! That's why, each week, to promote fun and get everyone involved, we have weekly Social Point Challenges. 

Social Point Challenges

You can earn social points by submitting photos that fulfill the posed challenges. The rankings will be updated each week, and at the end of the season, the team with the most points wins glamorous prizes! 

Let's Do it!

So what are you waiting for? Strike a pose! Maybe you aren't the best at the bases or you strive to win ALL the prizes, either way, what do you have to lose! 

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